Pemblock and Recipe Lair Edition

  • Pemblock the Corgi (a corgi mount) will now drop very rarely when doing adventuring content!
  • The crafting section of the inventory now holds up to 32 items. You will need to re-equip and re-slot your items as a result of this change.
  • There are now unique rare recipe lairs in all zones - when the quest is completed these will grant a recipe instead of normal loot.
  • There are now rare unity lairs in all zones. These quests are completed by 3 players standing at that location.
  • There are now more Cornerstone plots in adventuring zones.
  • NPCs now drop equipment much more often.
  • NPCs now avoid lava and other dangerous blocks.
  • Fae Trickster's decoy now has a friendly health bar.
  • NPCs now use pathfinding when retreating. This fixes the bug where the Cave Mushroom gets stuck on walls when retreating.
  • Origin Portal Potions, Bombs, Health Potions, and Crafting Recipes now auto-loot.
  • The expand world terraformer is no longer needed -- any terraformer can be used to expand your homeworld.
  • The infinity frame now costs 1200 infinium, up from 700. The new zone (Desert of Opportunity) terraformer can no longer be crafted.
  • Deco, portal, and similar blocks are now lootable only by the destroyer when destroyed. Ladybugs best step off.
  • Gunslinger's passive now has more obvious VFX.
  • Reduced the amount of infinium dropped by the party animal from 25 to 20.
  • Music blocks now have the same number of hit points as other placed blocks.
  • The biome of the first adventure zone is now the Cursed Vale.
  • The Crafting Bench now crafts the deconstructor and forge. The Formicite Crafting Bench now crafts everything the regular one does plus some.

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