Music, Level Up Look, and Elysian Flask Edition

  • You can now craft music blocks at the fun factory!
  • The Life Rift lair from Folly is now found in the Highlands biome.
  • The Knight now levels up his look at level 10 and level 20.
  • The Elysian Flask is a new item that is a rechargeable health potion. You start the game with one and can refill it at a Rejuvenation Station (craftable and found in the hub).
  • You can no longer craft health potions and health potions no longer drop.
  • You can now craft a number block at the fun factory.
  • Fire and ice ores now spawn as their own types of veins.
  • Potential fix for world crashes and lockouts.
  • White blocks now cost 3 grey blocks to craft (down from 5).
  • Fix for humanoid NPCs trying to smash forever if you try to kite them.
  • New items from Valmorik, TakeoGin, Naturemon, JacobTheCuddler, Therodir, Aviex, RayWolf, Cretoriani, and Tribe have been added to the game.

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