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Shadow Arena, Death and Tutorial Edition

  • The Shadow Arena is now live! It contains a unique mount and is the best way to get the best gear.
  • Shadow lairs will now spawn rarely. These contain Shadow Locks which are used to enter the Shadow Arena.
  • You can now craft Shadow Keys at the Infinium Crafting Bench.
  • There is no longer a lobby! Use 'Y' to open a window with your worlds and 'U' to open a window with featured worlds.
  • The first time you play the game you will now play through the 'Tutorial Temple' - you can also visit to check it out with /tutorial
  • When you die, you can now choose to respawn immediately at your cornerstone/town square or wait to be revived on the spot by another player.
  • All lairs now spawn an exit portal upon completion.
  • Resplendent equipment now deconstructs into tentacles and eyes and no longer deconstructs into prisms.
  • Prisms can now be acquired on the store.
  • Party animals no longer drop tentacles or eyes. They will now always drop infinium and sometimes additionally drop a pearl of wisdom.
  • New personal chests are in. There is one that is always crafted at the Infinum Crafting Bench, one that is a very rare dropped recipe, and one that is on the store.
  • The hotbar health and energy bubbles are now easier to read and the health bubble now shows your numerical health.
  • When your health gets too low the edge of the screen will now turn red.
  • The homeworld portal is now crafted at the basic crafting bench and costs Shapestone instead of Infinium.
  • Origin portal potions and bombs are now crafted at all crafting benches. The bomb can no longer be crafted in the field.
  • Dropped crafting items now drop slightly more often from monsters.
  • There are new dropped block recipes.
  • Fae Trickster's Glitterbomb is now more knockbacky and does slightly more damage.
  • Green-glowing NPCs are also more knockbacky.
  • Knight's Iron Will is now quite a bit more anti-knockbacky, as it now doubles stability for the duration.
  • The character sheet now has tooltips on mouse over for stats.
  • The store now has tooltips on mouse over for currency.
  • The game term 'exalted' has been replaced with 'forged'.
  • Fixes for some music notes which were off. You may find some notes off in your music, particularly brass and guitar.
  • There is a new spider lair from Tribe!
  • New items from Tribe, Cretoriani, Folly, barneebrown, valhalakritz, Turner, Panda, Hyperverse, Valmorik, lisasbrandy, AtomicHoagie, MugensBlade, Noreku, ZENdog, MiszterSoul, Mirage, HolyHamGrenade, Someone, Milambit, and JacobTheCuddler have been added to the game!

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