PWN-E and Arena Polish Edition

  • Nearby players who are behind walls will now appear as an outline.
  • The Shadow Arena now has a maximum population of 8 players.
  • Shadow arena chests now drop two pieces of equipment (up from one).
  • Sometimes 5 Eyes will drop instead of 1 from the chest.
  • The Shadow Key crafting recipe now costs 150 fragments up from 120.
  • You can now craft the PWN-E and Infinity PWN-E at the Infinium Crafting Station
  • Glass blocks in your inventory should now render correctly.
  • New homeworlds now have much smaller zones.
  • New homeworld zones no longer spawn enemies.
  • Terraformers are a whole lot cheaper. The Worldspring can now be crafted at the Formicite bench.
  • Holding H in a Hub now returns you to the town square.
  • Knights now move slower when using their basic attack.
  • Flattened localized zone height and removed rocks from undead and highlands biomes.
  • Random loot in Uber zones now has a significantly higher (though still rare) chance of being red+.
  • Party Animals now have a 5% chance of dropping a block recipe.
  • There is now a profanity filter. This will be settable in settings in the future, for now it is always on.
  • NPCs now return to spawn after losing aggro.

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