Dragonfire Peaks and New Inventory Edition

  • The Dragonfire Peaks Biome is live! It will show up in adventure worlds Elite and above. It has a new dungeon (thanks barneebrown), new lairs, new monsters, and new recipes and props.
  • New inventory update. There are now two categories: Adventure and Build. If these are full after the patch you can move items out of them and the 'overflow' items will show up.
  • You can now drag and drop items between slots in the inventory.
  • Personal chests have +4 slots.
  • All store bought cosmetic items which have versions as in-game drops (hats/masks) have been removed from the inventory.
  • We have more inventory/item management improvements coming (specifically the ability to collect mounts, pets, and equipment styles outside of your inventory).
  • An assortment of new hairstyles have been added to the Barber Shop.
  • A new Frontier lair made by Noreku is now available in Adventure Portal worlds.
  • Players who find themselves without the resources to complete the tutorial will now have what they need.
  • Bombs now deal more damage to blocks and destroy more blocks per throw.
  • Fixed memory leak in build mode (thx Lippy13 for the report!).
  • All classes now gain much more health as they level up.
  • NPC damage in the higher Uber-level Adventure Portals has also been increased, to maintain a similar feel at high player levels.
  • Fae trickster staves no longer are knocked back.
  • Shooting enemies shoot slightly less often.
  • Pinatas now only take 1 damage per hit and take 20 hits to destroy.
  • Three new events can now spawn in the Shadow Arena.
  • Flowing water and lava no longer transfer with your cornerstone.
  • Players can no longer build past the edge of club worlds.
  • Moved the bombs and origin portal potion back to crafting with V. The Workbench is now crafted on the Formicite Crafting Bench and up.
  • Ladybugs have been given a stern talking to about killing devs.
  • New glowing purple block recipe.
  • Shadow keys now cost an additional 10 fragments to craft.

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