Sponge and Rename Edition

  • You can now craft water and lava sponges at the Worldspring! These let you pick up water and lava which can then be placed in a Homeworld.
  • You can now craft two types of launchpads and one type of spikes at the Fun Factory!
  • You can now buy a Rename Tag on the store if you regret your choice of name.
  • Water and lava no longer save to Cornerstones.
  • Reduced occurrences of enemies regenerating health and players getting stuck while attacking.
  • Falling water now moves faster!
  • Blocks can now be placed over lava.
  • Explosion VFX now happen faster.
  • NPCs take a less damage from lava.
  • Fix for some masks not showing up.
  • Fix for some people still not getting supporter rewards.
  • Club worlds will no longer always show up in the featured world list.
  • Club worlds now allow placement of the Homeworld Heart.

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