Mag Rider Edition

  • You can now craft a Mag Rider and Mag Rails at the fun factory! The speeds are still being evaluated and expect some tuning in future updates.
  • Equip a Mag Rider like a mount then press X to get on it.
  • There is a new hub which includes portals to featured worlds.
  • The Shadow Arena has finally gotten the flooring experts to come in, and will now offer players a variety of spike-and-flame related objects to dodge, duck, dip, and dive.
  • Shadow Arena Group waves are now more damaging but have less health, while sub-boss waves have more health than before.
  • Music blocks now cost one less formicite and one less warpseed to craft.
  • Fix bug where resurrect animation doesn't play.
  • When you try to join a full world, you'll now be correctly told that the world is full, not that the servers are locked for testing.
  • Added sky-blending - now terrain should smoothly fade into view!
  • Reduced rubberbanding when dodging.
  • Added club and officer chests to the formicite crafting bench.
  • All community chests in a world are now linked.
  • Fixed bug where items dropped from your inventory near solid blocks could disappear from the world.
  • /hideplayer works again.
  • Uncommon and Rare loot now spawns with only one extra stat.
  • New items from Tribe, Cretoriani, Dyzfunctional, Folly, RayWolf, MiszterSoul, BlueCell, Laoge, MisterG, scorpion, DangerButt, Brawlerella, Scrunchi, Renegade, Hakito, LucasGama, Felipenf, Nebularz, Bodacious, Zoe, Meerstag, and Skyven have been added to the game.

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