The Calm Before The Firestorm Edition

  • Mag Rail tracks now play nice with Cornerstones.
  • A new Tundra dungeon made by Uniquisher and Barneebrown is now available in adventure worlds.
  • A new Highlands dungeon made by Barneebrown is now available in adventure worlds.
  • A new Frontier lair made by Folly is now available in adventure worlds.
  • Fixed a bug where new recipes weren't dropping.
  • Some visual polish on the outlines.
  • Names now always appear above character's heads. This has some polish work still left to do.
  • We will be increasing the price of the Booster Seat in the next patch.
  • There is a new character sheet. You can use it to modify and view your equipment and change your class skins.
  • The friends list now has a tab for ignored players.
  • Fixed a bug when changing a key binding in settings didn't immediately update that binding.
  • The Club Card now costs significantly fewer resources to craft.

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