Dracolyte Edition

  • A new class, the Dracolyte, is now live!
  • Adventure worlds have gotten an overhaul!
  • Adventure worlds are now much bigger.
  • Adventure worlds now allow more players in them before creating a new one.
  • Adventure worlds now have more zone shapes.
  • Zone names no longer show up on the map in adventure worlds.
  • Dungeons no longer show up on the map in adventure worlds.
  • All adventure worlds now have a 'New Friend Finder' at the starting location. You can use this to jump to a random person in that world.
  • 'Source' is now known as 'Cubits'.
  • Top Trovian scientists have made breakthroughs in fence cross-pollination and created corner fences!
  • All fence recipes have been moved to the Haunted Workbench.
  • Fixed bugs where active abilities got stuck when alt-tabbing out of the game and where abilities could get stuck when clicking on an unfocused game window.
  • Officers and Leaders can now rename club worlds.
  • You can now drag and drop clubs in the club UI to reorder their chat channels.
  • Personal chests can now only be placed in Cornerstones and club worlds.
  • Mounts when dropped in the world no longer display both the mount and the inventory icon.
  • Auto-looting an item while deconstructing should no longer interrupt deconstruction.
  • Recipes should now always drop in recipe lairs. Really.
  • The Booster Seat now costs 1625 Credits.
  • New items from Hei, Aviarei, NiviThePhoenix, DuskWolf, ArtyCutie, Korikabu, Stedms, Macha, Tomoki, JuicySpleen, barneebrown, Bex, and Tribe have been added to the game!
  • No keys today, instead today through Sunday, August 10th, instant access is now at the $5 supporter tier!

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