Hitbox Repair Edition

  • Fixed some hitbox issues with NPCs, especially evident when playing ranged classes.
  • Equipment tooltips now display the weapon type and will display the lot in red if you're not the right class or the required level in red if you're not a high enough level.
  • Nerd poles are now more fun to build.
  • Fixed the biggest game breaking bug of all time - you no longer stand after typing a space in chat while sitting.
  • Fixed for the fae skin not selling the right one.
  • Fixed the display of starbar reward for daily bonus.
  • Chat channels names are no longer case sensitive.
  • Added confirmation dialog when dropping valuable items from your inventory.
  • Added vfx for New Friend Finder.
  • A first version of zone permissions is in, these are the icons on the map in club worlds. The commands are currently placeholder, but you can use /zonerestrict to restrict your current zone to member+, architect+, or officer+. Required officer privileges to use.

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