New Dungeons, Some Lore and Worldlink Edition

  • A new Frontier dungeon made by Barneebrown and Noreku is available in Adventure Worlds.
  • A new Undead lair made by Dyzfunctional is now available in Adventure Worlds.
  • A new Fae Wilds lair made by Tribe is now available in Adventure Worlds.
  • Players can no longer join you in the Shadow Arena via the friends list.
  • You can now invite players to join the world you're in with /joinme <playername>.
  • There is now some lore in the undead lands.
  • Fixed some water rendering issues - water should no longer create a visual gap when flowing over still water.
  • Fixed bug where entering the Shadow Arena sometimes caused a crash.
  • Crafting stations in homeworlds and club worlds are not usable by someone who isn't a member of that club.
  • Improved bomb accuracy.
  • Fixed bug where mounting and dismounting rapidly sometimes made you move at mounted speed while dismounted.
  • You will now be returned to the last world you visited. If you've been logged out for more than 10 minutes, you'll be returned to the last club world you visited.
  • All sports balls now cost only one warpseed.
  • You can now craft the Portal Bench at the Formicite or Infinium Crafting Bench.
  • The Portal Bench allows the crafting of the Worldlink portal which will connect to the world it was crafted in.

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