More Ice and Fewer Friends Edition

  • A new Frontier dungeon made by Noreku and Barneebrown is now available in Adventure Worlds.
  • A new Tundra lair made by Stedms and Zoe is now available in Adventure Worlds.
  • Some equipment looks are now tied to biomes instead of rarity.
  • The Tundra biomes are now more icy and less roboty. This is phase one of the upcoming biome split.
  • Fix bug where Worldlink Portals in cornerstones stop working after moving the cornerstone.
  • Tweaks to the world you return to after logging back in.
  • The store now tells you if you already own something you can't buy more than once.
  • The Gunslinger ultimate now works correctly again (doesn't reduce your speed when shooting).
  • You can now buy more than one copy of the pets and trade them.
  • The store now has extra information about some items.
  • The Class Selector will now allow you to switch to a class immediately after buying it.
  • The friend finder is now gone. Instead you can now find 'outpost' zones which will open a portal between that location and the adventure world start location.
  • No community contributions this week - we were in the middle of transitioning how we give out rewards for contributions, we will be getting back to this in a big way next week.

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