Slow PAX Week Edition

  • We will be at PAX this week and so there will be no Thursday patch. Keep an eye out for a few announcements coming out from there!
  • Negative stacks of items will be cleared out in this patch.
  • Tundra zones are now 500% more icy! The robo-invaders have been called back to the mothership in preparation for the colonization of their upcoming new zone, leaving room for the tundra's native inhabitants to repopulate their frozen lands.
  • Since robot parts are now scarce, the Mag Rider now temporarily requires cupcakes to craft instead.
  • The club card is now cheaper to craft.
  • Added hidden [Input] EdgePlacement = true/false setting to the user config file.
  • Added /getworldid which allows you to see your current world id, and /joinworld {id} which lets you join a specific world.
  • Icicle, Ice pillar, and Ice Torch recipes can all be crafted from the Haunted workbench once they are learned.
  • Lava crabs have returned and will no longer bug out quests by not appearing.
  • Fix for server disconnects.
  • Fixed bug where tooltip text sometimes didn't appear on WorldLink Portals in club worlds.
  • Fixed bug where equipment dropped in high level uber portals didn't get bonus forged level.
  • The friends list has a new look! Some polish still coming.
  • New items by Tribe, Folly, Tomoki, scorpion, Brawlerella, Zoe, DuskWolf, Aviarei, Daybr8k, peXu, Glitch, Thresio, NhunterN, Ruka, nerd, Orzaidius, Vibri, Clarais, DreamD, Ice, Chatez, Linthaeos, Quote, IndyLion, PorTaix, Zorelo, Eefiejj, and Mottles have been added to the game!

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