Scary Invasion Edition

  • Invasions are now 1000% more dangerous and exciting.
  • Recipe and Skin items in player inventories will still work, but any that are in a non-personal chest will not work anymore. If you transfer those items out of the chest and into your inventory, and then log out and back in, they will work again.
  • Fae casters have learned a few new tricks that you probably will want to dodge.
  • You can now cycle through the last 5 people who whispered you when using /whisper or /r in chat by pressing Tab.
  • The Elysian Flask now holds 12 charges down from 15.
  • Fixed bug causing sports balls to keep their hit flash for an extended period of time.
  • Crafting stations and other placed usable objects will now automatically update instead of needing to be destroyed and placed again.

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