Start of Beta and Ninja Edition

  • Neon Ninja - a new class, is now live! There are a few known issues (such as the ult ability not showing up until unlocked) that we will be working on.
  • Neon City - a new biome, is now live!
  • A new Mag Rider, the Fun Police, is now available in the store. Additional polish (sound effects and VFX) are incoming.
  • Starter packs are now available in the store - when purchased these will unlock classes, skins, styles, and mounts directly.
  • Alpha Museum lairs now appear in Outpost of Light zones - these contain portals which lead to worlds of yore.
  • Item tooltips now show whether you've collected that item.
  • The Soul Stealer is now known as the Style Saver.
  • On Saturday and Sunday you now get double cubits. No longer a party animal.
  • You can now purchase Primal blocks in sets of 1000 in the store.
  • Dead players now appear as a skull on the world map.
  • Shadow key costs more, and higher Ubers drop more fragments and have a chance to drop multiple gems. It should be about the same at Uber 5 to farm a key and harder at lower levels.
  • We are seeing some world crash issues. We'll be working on this.

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