Deathmatch Edition - 7AM PST (3PM GMT) - 1/26/2015

New Chaos Chest with all new semi-permanent chaos loot!


  • Ally styles for all! We previously hotfixed this so it’s not just for devs anymore, and needed to make sure you folks got the memo.
  • Equipment now has a "Gear Level" stat. This makes it easier to compare equipment and see how it contributes to your total gear level.
  • You can now create custom portals for 3v3 Capture The Flag and 3v3 or 5v5 Team Deathmatch Battle Arenas!
  • Mounts that are leaving the store next week are on sale this week at 50% off the Credit price!

Game Update

  • UI windows are now dynamic! This means the active window will show up on top of other windows. For example, active chat will finally appear over the Character menu.
  • Type /bow and press enter, and you won't believe what happens next!!!!!! (You'll bow)
  • When logging out in an Adventure World you can be placed back into that same Adventure world upon logging back in if it's still running.
  • Battles with Shadow Titans will now display a fixed health meter in place of the compass, so you can always see how much health is remaining. Melee classes of the world rejoice!
  • Club logs will now record people placing special blocks.
  • When killed by a minion in PvP, the death message now shows the owner of that murderous minion.
  • Removed the delay between auto-loot items (blocks, glim, etc.) dropping and being looted.
  • To receive loot from an Adventure World a character has to meet the requirements of that world.
  • To receive loot from a Shadow Tower a character has to meet the requirements of that world. (Levels 12,15, 20,20 for normal mode and 20-26-26-36 for hard mode)
  • Block destruction VFX now appear when a block is destroyed by a remote player.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where a block damaged by the local player appeared to recover and be damaged again in quick succession.
  • Fixed bug where block loot sometimes didn't appear after destroying a block.
  • Fix remaining users who logged out in a Club World but were sent to the Hub when they've been logged out for a while.
  • Fixed an issue where using /epicpose while not actively mounted would cause the player's weapon to disappear.
  • Fix intra-club linked portals teleporting to invalid locations.
  • Some mysterious rectangles in various effects were missed in last week's fix. They have now been eliminated.
  • Flags and power-ups should be picked up more quickly in PVP.
  • Fixed crash caused by repeatedly clicking tabs in the Collections window

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