Multiple Cornerstone Edition - 1/5/2016


  • Now you can have multiple Cornerstones! Open the Cornerstones window from the F1 menu to manage your Cornerstone slots.
  • New Chaos Chest contents! Top loot this week are the Grim Throne mounts!
  • Double Dragon Souls! The reward for completing a daily Challenge now gives two Winter Dragon Souls!
  • New adventure boxes! Don't be left out, ride a lizard mount.
  • Added 2 second delay to turn off Revenant's Ultimate ability.
  • The map now shows biome boundaries in Club Worlds while in build mode.

Game Updates

  • Battle Trophies are live! These trophies (designed by Tribe) are rare drops from the Battle Arena that display the name of your vanquished foe, as well as the date of your glorious victory. Battle Trophies can be placed in Club Worlds and Cornerstones
  • Costumes listed in the Marketplace will now show their appearance
  • Adjusted player hitboxes to more closely match models
  • Improved the look of water at greater distances
  • Added a system to reduce ability to spam messages to chat channels
  • You can now claim payment for sold listings piecemeal if you don't have enough inventory space for the full payment

New Styles

  • New Pistol styles by gavynbrandt, AlecoX, Lotmom, Naevon, TohkaChan, Dusty_Mustard, Zeroalonter, xRoBoTx, Tanuuki, , Skullcracker555, Mew2ian, Deyat, Edudark, [007e7], Scheurmuis, LuthienX, Humpypants, , SovereignVis, SwordsMasterRyg, Sargonnas, MCfan567, Ernestasx, MonsterAnt, BuguSparkle, AngeloTGC, Thundernest, Bolones, Acculluz, BuguSparkle, Indal, Stedms, GogestickCJ, Frost_king3, Ernestasx, Speidey, CatThatFromTheHell, Silberstoff, ZombieCakeHD, Dustastrous, BiiXourus, MiserFii, Bathroom, LunarHavoc, MyIrish, Nilari, CirroStratos, NFinET, RoyalMafia, Sickshotmc, TwoSpade, Verex, Cenarius, Deimondou, Propman, Victor, Cicadas, Imwiththatguy, BoFXX, Pumkmine, Trijan, McFisty, and Zephorise have been added to the game!

Bug Fixes

  • Mystical Orb Mount missing audio fixed.
  • Fix to music transitioning between biomes abruptly

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