Gardening Edition

  • Gardening is now in the game! This is V1.0 so expect some tuning in future patches.
  • Gardening is the first profession! Professions unlock groups of recipes at a time, as you skill up. Crafting anything in the most recently unlocked category will grant +1 skill point.
  • Crafted mounts now require Steed Feed instead of Cubits, which can be earned through Gardening.
  • Fix mag riders being kicked wildly off track when colliding with blocks.
  • Shadow keys now cost two additional gems to craft.
  • Recipe lairs are now more frequent.
  • Dracolyte's default weapon now appears in collections.
  • Your laser can now affect grass and plants.
  • Grass and plants now only give loot to the player who destroys them.
  • There are now peaceful biomes in adventure worlds. These are free of monsters and contain 'sun lairs', which have a large number of harvestable sun bulbs which are used for gardening.
  • Mastery is now partially implemented. The rewards are placeholder and you can't earn ranks, but you can see the system and the UI is implemented on the character sheet. Use /mastery to see what you've collected so far.
  • You can now invert your mouse or change its sensitivity in the Settings dialog.
  • Tundra biome themed equipment should once again be dropping correctly.
  • Quantity of crafting results is again displayed in the crafting window.
  • Shadow locks are no longer destructible.
  • Neon Ninja's ninja stars now fly horizontally instead of being fully aimed.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the Neon Ninja's ultimate to expire after one use.
  • Fixed a bug that could contribute to rubberbanding.
  • You can now only use /respawn once every 5 seconds.
  • New user submissions are coming very soon! The Beta block is done. They're on the way!

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