Mastery Edition

  • Mastery is live! You now earn one mastery rank per 100 mastery points. Earn mastery points by unlocking recipes, styles, mounts, pets, mag riders and costumes and leveling up professions or characters.
  • Zombie Pemblock can now be crafted at the Infinium Crafting Bench!
  • Fix for some crash bugs.
  • Fixed minor bug in toonedge rendering.
  • Quebsly no longer comes from opt-ing in to the newsletter and instead comes from a mastery unlock (this was always buggy).
  • Fun Police now plays a siren while moving at high speeds.
  • Class descriptions at the Class Changer now match those in the store.
  • The stasis effect from the Neon Ninja's Stasis Blade can now be extended by attacks from the Ninja's Final Technique.
  • Removed the cooldown from the Neon Ninja's Stealth Flip.
  • The Ninja's stars are now aimed (again).
  • Added the capability for our customer service agents to roll back individual characters.
  • New items from Nurves, TehRedReaper, ElPix, Diemondl, Blindside, AleNofx, TheSlayer, WuppieF, Vubo, Stabicus, Derekxec, RisinHero, Rajeeb, Maou, Clanes, Gilthan, ManofShadows, MindlessGaming, Mihawkl, Chikyu, Lulatsch, Eefiejj, DreamD, Vibri, ArtyCutie, Stedms, Zoe, Tomoki, Milambit, JuicySpleen, Bex, Carlolz, Cretoriani and Tribe have been added to the game!
  • New Neon City lairs from Destral.
  • New Highlands dungeon from Thresio.
  • New Highlands dungeon from Stedms.
  • New Frontier dungeon from Cretoriani.
  • New Neon City dungeon from Milambit.
  • New Tundra lair from Kachitos.
  • New Frontier dungeon from Tribe.
  • New Tundra dungeon from Brawlerella.
  • New Frontier dungeon from Jvep1.

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