Patch - Bad to the Bone Edition


  • The Bone Dragon has risen!
  • Get 50% off classes from the Trove Store
  • Level up faster with 50% bonus experience!
  • This week there are double the Invasions, and every Shadow Giant drops an Eye of Q’bthulu

Game Update

  • Randomized Chaos Chests! Get a Store Meownt, Fox Mount, or Arcanium Discord Wings!
  • The Tomb Raiser ultimate ability now has an 8 second cooldown
  • You can now purchase items using Credits or Cubits if Trove was started from Steam with the overlay disabled.
  • Basic attacks on ranged characters now move twice as fast
  • Slight visual improvements to all tooltips.
  • You can now destroy items in your inventory. It is bound to middle mouse button by default.

Player Marketplace

  • You can now clear your previous search by clicking the X to the right of the search window
  • Toggling 'Hide Collected' now also hides anything that cannot be collected
  • Items now display their descriptions in the store
  • Many marketplace server optimizations
  • You can now sort by unit price

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the max listing price in the Player Marketplace was 999,998 instead of 999,999
  • Fixed bug with activating loot collector while in build mode
  • Club Log entries will display the correct timestamps
  • Fixed Club Phones

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