Patch Notes - 10/6/2015 - Ladybug Invaders Edition

New Costume Pack!

The Shadow’s Eve Costume Pack is now available from the Trove Store and comes with all of these costumes!

Game Updates

  • The Ladybug Invasion is active! Avarem is shivering in his boots right about now.
  • Triple Adventure Boxes week has been extended! It will now run all this week as well.
  • The Welcome screen has a fancy new look.
  • Changed the Hub World
  • Two unique helms (Ladylike Bugbute and Shadow Ladylike Bugbute) and a unique set of Ladybug Wings drop from the Ladybug Invaders
  • Adding items to your inventory will now add them to an existing stack first, even if that stack is in a bag that is not currently being shown.
  • Changed custom chat channel 4 color to be more readable.
  • Added UI Scale to Settings.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some instances where people could get into custom chat channels named "World" or "Global".
  • Fixed a bug which rarely caused common items to drop from Uber 5 worlds.
  • Fixed a bug on Daughter of the Moon that could prevent her from aggroing on players
  • Settings: Fixed Resolutions drop-down being initially disabled if you're already in Fullscreen.

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