• Press F4 to display your numerical location in the upper left hand corner of the screen (useful for finding other players).
  • The world now has zones!
  • The world now has dungeons!
  • If you press and hold 'E' while mousing over an equippable item it will pick it up and equip it at the same time.
  • Face and Head items now go into the 'Style' tab of your inventory.
  • Bomb aiming now feels more natural.
  • Fix for the camera zooming in randomly.
  • NPCs and chests now spawn at midnight.
  • You now have passive health regen.
  • Fixed the server crash.
  • Items now grant round number bonuses (no more decimal points on stats).
  • You can now drag and drop items for your inventory into the world and it will drop them in the world.

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