• Players and enemies will no longer be able to continue an attack after death.
  • The slam attack doesn't necessarily destroy any land blocks it hits.
  • Players should no longer occasionally get stuck next to walls after running up next to them.
  • Some changes to item tooltips including the ability to see what equipment slot it fits in.
  • Turned on server-validated movement.
  • Enemies will now automatically attack a player who enters their aggro radius and periodically switch targets to whichever player is currently closest. After a short period of neither dealing or receiving damage, the enemy will enter leave combat and regenerate its health.
  • Fixed scrollbar in Announcements.
  • Destroying blocks in the world will now add similar colored blocks to your inventory.
  • Added some more dungeony dungeon rooms.
  • An initial base pass on NPC population has been completed.
  • Added VFX to the dash attack.
  • Added healing sounds to the potion.

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