Turkeytopia Edition Patch - November 22, 2016



  • Language selection priority is now given to the Settings menu instead of Glyph.

Club Permissions

  • Zone Restrictions now applied to existing zones when terraforming.
  • Fix for higher-ranks not being able to modify zones whose permissions had allowed lower ranking club members to modify the zone.
  • Restrict ranks that can terraform to Officer and Leader.

Store Changes

  • Three great new Packs are now in the store. The Dark Dungeoneer, Fiery Fighter, and Celestial Champion will give you style as well as power.
  • These packs are designed for new players, so act now if you want them because they'll be disappearing in a future patch for existing players!

Item Renames

Additional Updates

  • Daily dragonite rewards now expire after 24 hours.
  • Fix copies of placeable object previews reappearing in worlds if you'd left that world while in build mode.
  • Removed exploit tied to a combat effect that is granted with the Candy Barbarian class gem.
  • Supersampling settings no longer affect projectile targeting.
  • Lil Pup has had his mastery removed. The Skyfire Crown has moved to the Stash Exclusive category and can now be unlocked using Super Style Stashes.
  • The mastery contest now gives 300 pinatas to each of the top 10 instead of 999 to top 1.
  • Snare VFX removed from Neon Ninja's Shadow Flip.

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