Patch - Block Friday Edition - 11/24/15


Autumn Piñata Update

Start on Your Arena

  • A surveying tool and two new battle arena terraformers have been added to the Worldspring, use these to get a head start on building your battle arena!
  • Additional tools to create gameplay locations and a potal to start custom matches will be coming soon!

Game Updates

  • Doubled projectile speed of radiant arrow on Shadow Hunter
  • Thursday's bonus drops now only apply to Adventure Boxes and Event Box drops. Pemblocks and Meownts are now more rare.
  • Cursed Vale Terraformer has been added to the Worldspring
  • Improved the mining laser. Block desync while mining should now be exceedingly rare.
  • Slight change to timestamp format for Club logs.
  • Loot pickup text moved back to right side of screen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Shadow Tower Portals remained open forever on Cornerstones
  • Tome rewards will now go into overflow inventory if your inventory is full
  • Fixed a bug where grass was sometimes not destroyed when shot by projectiles
  • Fixed a bug where Shadow Hunter's Radiant Arrow sometimes didn't damage enemies if it first went through a wall, or another enemy
  • Fixed general bug where enemies and terrain sometimes didn't get hit by projectiles if the projectile first pierced another object
  • Fixed a broken ability combination. You know the one.
  • Game Pads: Fix camera thumb stick sometimes not working immediately after changing thumb stick invert in Settings
  • Fixed an issue that cause World chat to become broken if it was being used while changing worlds.
  • Club logs will now display item names correctly
  • Fixed some instances where other players didn't animate while using abilities
  • Fixed bug where blocks placed on the client would disappear after a couple of seconds. This can still happen due to a valid server correction, but it should be infrequent.

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