• A tuning pass has been completed on all NPCs. Forest NPCs are now the easiest, followed by Desert NPCs, and Frost NPCs are the beefiest and strongest. Frost biome now has its own dungeon population.
  • Weapons have had a tuning pass, more tuning to come soon.
  • Single target block destruction now costs energy.
  • Player blocks now take significantly more damage to kill, non-terrain blocks take slightly more damage to kill.
  • /who now shows the other players online.
  • Drinking potions now plays an animation.
  • Lootable objects will now remove themselves when they expire, even if nobody is around to see it.
  • Loot no longer springs into the air when they come into view, only when they're first added to the world.
  • Removing "shield" ability from the inventory.
  • Fixed issues where inventory did not update when it changed while open (Removed items, received new items).
  • Fixing issue where the login and player name dialogs sometimes didn't automatically get keyboard focus.
  • Improved quality of loot dropped by treasure troves in the world. Treasure troves now spawn in dungeons.
  • NPCs now drop fewer bombs when killed.
  • Added information about the game controls to main menu and when the you log in to the game for the first time.
  • When loot hits the ground, sound and VFX play based on the item's rarity.
  • Added the ability to whisper to other players with /whisper (also /w /tell /t) and /reply (also /r).
  • Can no longer place a block in the space where players are standing.
  • Removed the exploding tombstone that spawned when players die.

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