• Crafting 0.5 is in! Use 'V' to open the crafting window. Please excuse the dust (i.e., some UI feedback not yet implemented).
  • Blocks now consume themselves when placed.
  • When destroying blocks you now gain a 'Primal' block of the color most closely matching the block destroyed. Craft this into other block colors.
  • The player now starts with 50 of each primal block.
  • The player no longer starts with any bombs.
  • The /suicide command is now available.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to be invisible after teleporting or respawning.
  • /who command now also tells you where other players are.
  • /loc now displays location as an integer.
  • It now takes 3 bombs to destroy a player placed block. Most NPC and player abilities will no longer damage player placed blocks.
  • Enemies will now begin attacking more quickly once they are in the appropriate range. Changed how enemies decide which attacks to use.
  • NPCs now drop monster parts instead of bombs.
  • Random loot tweaks to make rarity progression feel progression-ier.
  • Mouse X and Y axes can now be inverted by editing the config file.
  • Knockback and Stability have had their effectiveness reduced but items have been buffed to compensate in order to expand the range of bonuses that can be given by items of various levels.
  • Default draw distance is now 128 to better accommodate a larger range of hardware. If you're got a sweet machine, feel free to turn it up to 256 in the %localappdata%\trove\trove.cfg file.
  • Blocking now reduces damage taken. (instead of increasing it, yay!)
  • Energy now regenerates at a rate of 1/10 your energy regen stat per second.
  • Fix for FPS hits around VFX far from the origin.
  • There is a new type of zone dungeon - the Tower!

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