• Pressing shift in build mode now toggles walking.
  • Passive health regen is always a percentage of your max health per second.
  • Pressing Num Lock now toggles auto-run.
  • The block destroyer is no longer an item. This will fix issues where sometimes it stops working, it also means it is no longer available in adventure mode.
  • Removed redundant quantity badge ('1') from loot items in the inventory.
  • Crafting: Some minor UI cleanup and added a button to set the quantity to be crafted to the maximum you can craft.
  • It is now more obvious what you have equipped.
  • The hotbar now displays which item you have selected in build mode with a green outline.
  • Color block variety has been expanded! Open the crafting window to see our hottest new locally-sourced organic small-batch block varietals.
  • Stats are now ordered more sensibly.
  • New hats in the store: Festive Sombrero, Cowboy Hat.
  • New face slot items in the store: Scouter Lens, Dealing Shades.
  • New loot VFX.
  • Crafting progress bar now fills for each item crafted.
  • Blocks now take slightly longer to craft.
  • Reduced quantity of chests spawning in the Desert and Frost biomes.

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