• New feature! FXAA (Fast approximate anti-aliasing) - enable fxaa by typing: /postfxaa 1
  • World rollbacks are now fixed!
  • Fix that should stop players from logging in to a black or very dark screen.
  • Clamp FPS for very high end machines which should prevent them from crashing.
  • Loot from 'higher rarity' sources like hard mobs and chests now drop even rarer loot more often.
  • "Drop All" from inventory now actually drops all instead of just one.
  • Golden Beetles are more rare, spawn in all biomes, and now drop Golden Souls - useful for crafting if you want to bling out your Cornerstone.
  • Destroying placeable objects now uses correct VFX colors.
  • Made Rare Pickups more audible and appealing.
  • Pressing F4 now shows direction in addition to location.
  • Fixed many NPCs, chests, and loot outside the starting biome being assigned the wrong level.
  • Added several new decorative crafting recipes.
  • Added sounds to the crafting UI.
  • You now only start with 100 primal grey blocks - go get your own color!
  • Primal Brown blocks are no more! Brown color blocks will now be crafted from Primal Orange blocks, which you will receive from all sorts of world stuff that fall within orange/brown spectrum.
  • Castles should be positioned a little better within their area.
  • Fixed a bug where health bars above enemies and other players were sometimes corrupt or showed the wrong amount of health.
  • Treasure chests are getting into the holiday spirit.
  • Character names will now be limited to alpha characters only of no more than 35 characters.
  • Fixed a bug where hotbar slots would have the wrong image when switching modes if that slot is empty in the one of the modes.
  • Also fixed an issue where some slots were marked as equipped in adventure mode.
  • Updated many crafting recipes to require 'cubits' and converted 'monster parts' to 'cubit' drops. In addition cubits drop in large quantities from chests and small quantities from bushes.

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