Patch - Flower Power Edition - 12/15/15


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Game Updates

  • The Ice Sage's ultimate no longer affects enemies who are dodging
  • Invulnerability following the use of dodge lasts 33% longer
  • Stuns in PvP last 70% of their PvE duration
  • Characters who use spears will now attack directly in front of them while strafing
  • Players who do not score a kill, capture the flag, or return their own team flag will receive no credit toward a Battle Box and will receive 50% Battle XP
  • Use the following slash command in game to see your current time toward your next Battle Box: /getbattleboxinfo
  • Omni Style Surprise can now unlock Radiant styles

New block types for builders!

  • Water Block – Place these blocks into an area then press E to convert all the blocks into water. This water will remain in the shape of the placed blocks, so it allows greater control of water, similar to the Last Airbender, who was very good with water (not the movie one, the TV show).
  • Scaffolding Block – Place like any other block, and use it to stand on while building tall creations. When done, press E and these blocks will disappear.
  • Club Intra-World Portals are here! Place these portals in Club Worlds to allow players to quickly teleport across great distances, or to specific locations, such as Shadow Tower or Battle Arena portals.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a rendering bug that could cause pieces of some decorations to disappear
  • Fixed bug where fishing lures passed through blocks
  • Fix issue where joining other players is disabled after leaving a PvP world
  • Reducing frequency of bug where Fae Trickster's basic attack hits but does no damage
  • Fixed bug where sponges passed through blocks and weren't returned