• Players will no longer be reset if they log into a new server.
  • Medium and large scale POIs have returned to zones.
  • Added logging to track down the new lag.
  • You can now reliably craft 999 of an item at once.
  • The location and facing display is now on by default.
  • The location display now only shows X and Z coordinates.
  • Updated shader for object placement, placing blocks should now be 87.34% less garish.
  • Companion pets' speed now matches their owner's.
  • The crafting window now shows up to 4 digits of a possessed item.
  • Locked recipes will no longer show the materials.
  • A recipe when unlocked will remain selected.
  • You can now scroll in the chat window using PageUp/PageDown.
  • The starting biome will now be more friendly to new players and those who would like to build unmolested. This is the initial stage of diversifying biomes, more changes will be coming soon.
  • The starting biome is now more colorful.
  • Golden Beetles will now spawn more plentifully at initial world startup, but won't respawn until a new world is started.
  • Bottle plants and fire flowers now drop 3 of their respective crafting resources down from 5.

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