Level UP Edition

  • Leveling is in! You can now gain extra stats by leveling up your class. Max level is 20.
  • You can now see your level and class in the character sheet!
  • You can now track your progress towards the next level with the new XP bar at the bottom of the screen!
  • Cornerstones now save to the account - this means you can use them across worlds and patches!
  • Tuned jumping and added the +jump stat, which grants multi-jump. Jumping now uses energy per jump, but does not require it.
  • Single target block destroyer no longer consumes energy.
  • The chat window will no longer disappear while you're scrolling with PgUp/PgDown, each time you scroll resets the fade out timer. Also moved the scrollbar a bit to the right since it was covering some long messages.
  • Looted item notifications now appear in the console.
  • Many new additional biomes and added rank 4-7 zones.
  • Loot progression is now steeper.
  • You can now scroll in the store using the mouse wheel. Products with multiple currencies will always display that currency in the same order.
  • 'Spell Damage' is now displayed as 'Magic Damage'
  • The cancel button while crafting is now enabled! Also note that closing the crafting dialog will also cancel crafting. Also added different sound effect when completing one of many items being crafted.
  • Shield energy costs significantly reduced. You should press this button sometimes when you get tired of jumping around enemies in circles ;)
  • A banner now displays showing the name and rank of a zone when you enter it.
  • You can now craft the chromatic chunk! This is useful for many anything which requires many primal blocks of each color.
  • Campfire now must be unlocked and has been moved to the workbench.
  • Fixed some issues with crafting stations in cornerstones that could cause the server to crash.
  • Returned the Y value to the location display.

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