Finding Magic and Smashing is Stronger Edition

  • Added the Magic Find stat to gems. This stat gives a percentage chance to improve the quality of loot drops. All nearby players will contribute to this chance.
  • F1 now makes the 'how to play' screen pop-up.
  • Damage on the starter sword is now 6, up from 4.
  • Multi-jump now has a more noticeable VFX.
  • Smash now does 4 times the physical damage stat, up from 1.
  • Charge now does 2.5 times the physical damage stat, up from 1.
  • NPC health has been increased to account for the above changes.
  • Health regen now gets much bigger on higher rank items.
  • Cornerstones will now fully clear the space above them when claimed.
  • Daily login bonus UI should now display again.
  • There is now a console message for gaining blocks.
  • Rarer items are now more notably stronger in their core stat compared to lower rarity ones.
  • Robot structures now provide an opportunity to gain purple blocks.
  • The zone banner now displays whenever the Escape Menu is showing.
  • Fix for duplicated crafting machines.
  • Fixes for some server lag issues.