Patch - Battleverse Edition - 12/8/2015


  • It’s double Chaos Factor week! Get two Chaos Chests for every Chaos Factor on your account
  • New chaos chest loot! Top loot this week is 2x Polar Caterkiller
  • 3, 6, and 12 Month Patron passes are now available on the Trove Store! Not only are they for sale, but they’re also on sale! Get this discounted price while you can.

Game Updates

  • The character sheet has been updated! Left click to equip styles rather than using a separate slot.
  • The Adventure Tower in the Hub now has all Adventure Portals!
  • Patron status now grants double Battle Factor and doubles your drop rate of Battle Boxes
  • Chestnut Seeds have returned! Botanist-level gardeners can craft them at their Gardening Bench.
  • The Bull Dozer mount and Big Bomb legendary tome are available for sale on the Trove Store individually as well as in the Builder’s Pack
  • Upgraded terraformer visuals. Now a glowing grid will show you the exact areas that will be destroyed and remade by your terraforming!
  • Basic attack projectiles are now faster
  • Big Bombs are now craftable in game (these bombs take out a big chunk of the world, but not dungeons)
  • Movement speed now 25% faster in the Battle Arena (PvP)

New Packs on the Trove Store!

Collector's Pack (One per account)

Creator’s Pack (One per account)

  • Bull Dozer – A new steam powered bull mount that can destroy blocks in your Club World as you ride (designed by Screamheart)
  • Big Bomb Legendary Tome – Get 40 big bombs, for free, once a week (great for destroying large collections of blocks)
  • A ton of blocks and ore to get you building: 500 infinium, 1000 formicite, 5000 shapestone, 9999 of each primal block, 50 Omni decoration recipes (unlocks any decoration recipes you don’t already have unlocked).

Radiant Pack (One per account. Requires Mastery Rank 10.)

Battle Pack (Oneper account. Requires Mastery Rank 10.)

Battle Arena Rewards

  • The Trove Battle Arena now grants rewards!
  • Compete in the arena to increase your Battle Rank
  • Increasing your Battle Rank unlocks rewards, including Battle Factor
  • Battle Factor determines the maximum number of Battle Chests you can earn each week
  • Classic Battle Boxes will contain a Battle Banner that grants PvP stats when equipped in the brand new Banner slot on the Character sheet (C)
  • Your equipped Battle Banner will also modify the power ups received in Battle Arena matches
  • Break down Battle Banners in the Loot Collector to receive Arena Coins, which can be spent at the Battle Broker vendors located next to the Battle Arena portal in the Hub

Custom Battle Arenas

  • Build your own custom Battle Arenas in Club Worlds that receive the same rewards as the Battle Arenas in the Hub!
  • Create custom spawn points, flag spawns, and capture points for both teams. In addition, you can place turrets, flags of strife and powerup spawn points throughout your map.
  • Craft tag blocks and the Battle Arena portal for custom matches at the Worldspring
  • Replaced turrets in cornerstones with PvP turret tagblocks. If you place these blocks in your custom PvP map, they will be transformed into active turrets when the game begins.
  • You can start a custom arena match before 10 players have joined a match by using the command /testarena, but these matches will not grant rewards

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Lunar Lancer could become unable to use abilities after mashing the M2 ability
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the Lunar Lancer to carry a flag while grappling
  • Fixed a bug where Boomeranger didn’t always get cooldown reduction after catching a boomerang

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