Patch Notes - Valentine's Day! - Febuary 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

Tuesday, 2/14: 1 Day Patron Pass
Wednesday, 2/15: Minor Experience Coin
Thursday, 2/16: 1 Day Patron Pass
Friday, 2/17: 20 Chaos Chests
Saturday, 2/18: 1 Day Patron Pass
Sunday, 2/19: 5 Gem Booster Boxes
Monday, 2/20: 1 Day Patron Pass
Tuesday, 2/21: 10 Dragon Coins
Wednesday, 2/22: 1 Day Patron Pass
Thursday, 2/23: 10 Glittering Horseshoes
Friday, 2/24: 1 Day Patron Pass
Saturday, 2/25: Minor Experience Coin
Sunday, 2/26: 1 Day Patron Pass
Monday, 2/27: Ninth Life

New Dungeons

  • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from stedms!
  • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Pennry!
  • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Zirhaw!
  • New Jurassic Jungle Dungeon from Stabicus!
  • New Jurassic Jungle Lair from Ylva!
  • New Undead Dungeon from Evilagician!
  • New Shadow Tower Dungeon from Screamheart!
  • New Shadow Tower Dungeon from stedms!


  • The store visuals have gotten a makeover.
  • Crate O’ 150 Gears have been removed.


  • Portuguese is now in Beta! Players who select Portuguese as their language can now enable this translation plus have their own global chat.

Additional Updates

  • Carpet mounts can now glide.
  • Winter plants can now grow! Spring plants no longer grow.
  • Changing your language through Settings now requires the client to restart.
  • Aligned gem power rank numbers between the gem tooltip and the Gem interface.
  • Fixed bug where air current blocks persisted above cornerstone after moving it.
  • When using a controller, you now have full range of movement rather than being locked to cardinal and ordinal directions.
  • Improved feel of controller analog sticks by switching from an axial dead zone to a radial dead zone
  • Fix for some collection images not showing when unlocked for the first time.
  • Fix for the Ocean Crown dungeon in the Drowned Isles biome having a water layer above the ocean.
  • Fixed issue that could prevent login in certain cases of high network latency
  • Fix a bug where pressing Tab while typing into Chat would sometimes switch between Adventure and Build mode.
  • Added code to increase server stability in cases of extreme network instability for some regions
  • Fix for a rare disconnection bug.
  • Fixed bug where some enemies that are supposed to slow down during attacks do not
  • Fixed bug where Shadow Hunter appeared to have two bows
  • Fixed bug where Revenant's Spirit Storm could persist after death
  • Update to the Ice Cathedral dungeon in the Permafrost Biome.
  • Fixed an issue where the License Agreement sometimes wasn't displayed properly.
  • Windows: Reduced the size of the shadercache under %APPDATA%
  • Carnaval Coaster and Tailwind Talisman have had their mastery removed since they are currently promo collections.
  • Pinata Coins now correctly state that they are an event currency that will disappear sometime in the future.
  • Pinatas now correctly drop loot in the Shores of the Everdark

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