Patch - Monkey Business Edition - 2/16/2016


Game Updates

  • The materials for creating Dragon Souls have been adjusted. In addition to 4 Dragon Coins (except for Azulian which costs 10 Dragon Coins) you’ll still need a Golden Soul, but the third ingredient (varies by souls) has been reduced by 50% or more.
  • Crafting a Purified Dragon Flame now requires 50x Primordial Flames and 300x Radiant Shards, but no longer requires Dragon Coins.
  • The Dragon Coin Tome now grants 25 Dragon Coins per week when triggered.
  • 5 Dragon Coins are now granted the first time you complete a Challenge on any given day.
  • Challenges now grant Lesser Dragon Caches when you complete the first two tiers. These caches contain flux, Dragon Coins, and, rarely, tradable Dragon Souls.
  • Completing the last tier of a challenge grants an additional guaranteed Dragon Coin
  • Dragon Coins now deconstruct into 25 glim (down from 100)
  • Previously existing Dragon Caches should now drop 3 coins at Uncommon (up from 1) and 20 coins at Rare (up from 5).
  • Dragon Coins can no longer be traded, nor used as currency on the Auction House.
  • Dragon Souls crafted from the Dragon Crucible can no longer be traded. Any previously crafted Dragon Souls will remain tradable.
  • Origin Portals once again take you to the main spawn point of the world.
  • Patron now doubles daily Cubits earned from filling the star bar.

Trove Store

  • Greater Dragon Caches added to the store! These new caches contain 10 Dragon Coins at common, 50 at uncommon, and very rarely a complete set of souls required for one of the existing dragons or a golden dragon egg (all tradable). Greater Dragon Caches are found in the Goods tab for 250 Credits.
  • Dragon Coins can now be bought from the store 5 at a time for 750 Cubits (check the Goods tab)
  • The legendary Tome of Growth is back on the store!

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Intra-Club Transit portals still teleporting players to location of portals destroyed by terraforming. Those affected by this should now be able to teleport to the bad portal locations to cause the server to fix that bad teleport.
  • Fixed a bug with the Wednesday fishing bonus where it wasn't applying the full speed increase (or even most of it).

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