Game of Throne Edition - 2/2/2015


  • The game is afoot! You might now be able to craft the Porter Potty mount. Yes really. Maybe. Don't say we didn't warn you (also, thanks Milambit, for everything - but especially this).
  • New Chaos Chest loot! Featuring Meownts and the BULL DOZER.
  • Adventure Box Madness! Adventure boxes drop at double rate, and all previous Adventure Boxes can drop (excluding Shadow's Eve Adventurer Chest)

Game Updates

  • Mimic blocks are available now, and can be crafted at the Cube Converter!
  • Loot celebrations now occur for rare Chaos Chest and Trove of Wonders loot! This will announce to your world chat that you’ve unlocked something awesome.
  • The names of the original Alpha supporters are now displayed in game. Somewhere. We don’t talk about fight club.
  • The level requirement for Sky Realm loot has been lowered to 10.
  • Reduced some Cubit rewards for the Golden Thread tutorial.
  • Since it was easy to sometimes list an item for the wrong price and not realize it, added a comma separator for prices listed on the Marketplace (under both the Buy and Sell tab).
  • Jump stat now represents total number of jumps instead number of air jumps (so falling off a ledge won’t consume a jump)
  • Slow Sebastian is now slightly slower (he has horsteoporosis)
  • The "Vials" tab under Collections>Flasks has been renamed to "Flasks."
  • In Capture the Flag Battle Arenas the flag can now be returned by players who are carrying their opponent’s flag.
  • Added Unit Price for items listed on the Buy Tab in the Marketplace.
  • Wings now have a "Glide" stat. The higher this stat, the slower you descend.
  • The Mastery Rank 5 wings now have a lower Glide stat.
  • Wings given through Mastery are now under the "Mastery" heading in the Collections>Wings window
  • In the Character Sheet when switching to the Mastery or Battle Level tabs, it will now auto-scroll to your current progress.

Trove Store

  • Added a new 'Sir Sebastian' mount to the Trove Store, available for both Credits and Cubits .
  • Adjusted Cubit prices in the Trove Store to ten times the number of Credits (the largest price changes are for the Overload Omniseat and Loveseat mounts).
  • Cubit cost of classes remains the same, so stock up now!
  • Some Emblems have had their price increased to unify pricing.

Bug Fixes

  • Black rectangles in Chloromancer - Evergreen Evoker's costume have been removed.
  • Fix intra-club linked portals teleporting to invalid location.