Patch Notes - 2/23/2016


Game Updates

  • Updated Sunday bonus text to read 'Arena Win XP'
  • Mimic Blocks can now copy Cornerstone blocks.
  • The Patron tab in the Store now clearly shows what is included with Patron status. An on screen button can take you directly to this tab. This button won't be visible for active Patrons.

Bug Fixes

  • Bonus crafting speed has triumphantly returned as a Mastery Level reward! The bonus unlocks at levels 19, 39, 59, 79, and 99!
  • Purifying Dragon Flame can once again be traded
  • Mimic blocks no longer inherit block invulnerability
  • "Baby Punchbot" ally now only gives 5 Power Rank, instead of Eighty-Frickin-Seven
  • Fixed bug where you could stack wing VFX with /pose
  • Fixed an issue that could cause clubworld heart stones to display a negative number instead of the correct number of likes.
  • Fixed client crash that could happen when looking at old portals
  • Fixed bug where patrons got +200% XP on certain days
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Martial and Arcane Emblems to increase damage by 200% instead of the intended effect - Added 2/23 - 2PM PST

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