Patch - Heart Attack Edition - 7AM PST (3PM GMT)


  • Hellbug Invaders from Defiance have infested Trove just in time for Valentine’s Day. These Hellbugs are in love – with carnage! Get unique Hellbug Adventure boxes and unlock the rare Bashful Lovebug.
  • Power Rank is here! This new stat combines Mastery, Character Level, Unlocked Dragons, and Equipment Quality (including Allies, Flasks, and Emblems) into one number to rule them all.
  • Portals formerly gated by level are now gated by Power Rank.
  • The Power Rank Sigil now appears over the heads of players close to you. The Sigil is comprised of the shield (Power Rank) and wings (Mastery Rank). The higher the rank, the more ornate.
  • Double Dragon! For this week only, your first Challenge completed each day will give TWO Starlight Dragon Souls!
  • Heart-A-Phones are on sale this week for 90% off!

Game Updates

  • Just in time for Valentine's Day, Heart-A-Phone stats are now tracked. Use "/stats" to see how many hearts you have received, and how many hearts you have sent. And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make, don't let numbers replace true companionship. These stats are not retroactive.
  • Increased health pools on Uber 3 and higher to account for increased player damage. Depending on your mastery and dragon progress this may result in longer kill times, though for fully maxed and damage focused characters this will still be faster than it is now.
  • We have updated daily bonuses, Wednesday is now faster fishing (goodbye forever Glim), Saturday is bonus adventure experience (XP) and Sunday is bonus PvP XP (winners only)
  • Patron now doubles your daily bonuses.
  • Each mastery rank up to 5 now requires 50 points to earn down from 100. Each rank from 6 to 10 now requires 75 points to earn also down from 100.
  • Using community and club chests and the trading post now require mastery rank 10 instead of 5.
  • Mastery no longer gives stat bonuses at specific ranks
  • Mastery no longer awards consumable or tradable items.
  • Earn a non-tradable Class Coin at Mastery Rank 3 and 25 (granted automatically if you've already achieved those ranks).
  • Mastery now gives +0.2% damage and +0.5% health per rank and contributes +1 Power Rank.
  • Surestrike Emblem's duration is now 5 seconds (down from 6).
  • Valorous Vial now has an internal cooldown on its effect to restore a flask charge, it will take about 15 seconds before it can trigger again
  • NPCs now receive less damage while standing in lava.
  • In addition to the stats already provided by dragon spirits, they now increase either damage by +250 or max health by +1000
  • Enemies spawned by swarm quests now have vastly reduced health. More enemies are also required to win the quest, but swarm quests will be overall much faster to complete than before. We will be improving how quickly they spawn after death in a future update.
  • When another player gets your Battle Trophy you are now notified.
  • When a player acquires a GM/Dev Battle Trophy a unique message will be displayed.
  • Following this patch all GM/Dev Battle Trophies dropped will also have a unique tooltip when viewed in your inventory or when the trophy block is inspected. This change is not retroactive.
  • GMs and Devs can now opt to always drop trophies during PvP matches. You should definitely hunt them down.
  • Some Shadow Tower floors now have more restrictive access requirements.

Trove Store

  • Classes can no longer be purchased with Cubits. See above re: free classes via mastery. As always you can acquire tradable Class Coins via the Player Marketplace.
  • There is now a free class coin on the Store for any players who have at least 5 Patron Points. *Patron Points can be earned by purchasing real money items from the Trove Store.
  • All existing class packs are now available as rotating store deals.
  • New Chaos Chest Loot this week: Get 2 Xero Line Wings or 2 at a time of all other rare weekly Chaos loot. Give one to your sweetheart!
  • The Chaos Chest this week also has a rare result of 5 Heart a Phones. #YOLO #TrueLove
  • You can now buy Omni Style Surprise in the Trove Store under the Goods tab for Credits and Cubits. When used, these will unlock a random equipment style that you don't already have unlocked!
  • The Starter Pack has been updated! It now grants 5 days of Patron, the Sir Sebastian mount, 750 Credits, the Dark Hood helmet style, and a Class Coin!
  • Power Pack has been updated! It now grants 15 days of Patron Pass in addition to: 2 Class Coins, 2000 of every Primal Block, Wings of the Phoenix, SS Trovian ship (with sail), Trovian Supercycle mount, and the Trove Topper helm. It no longer contains two flask coins.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Fae Trickster's Blink ability sometimes didn't teleport at certain heights
  • Fixed bug where only Club members could use the Portal crafting bench.
  • Attempting to join Club members (who are not also friends) through the Club UI should work again.