Patch - Winter Is Leaving Edition - 3/1/2016


Game Updates

  • All equipment now gives a consistent amount of flux for its rarity (star value no longer matters) and in average is at an amount equal to one star previously.
  • Shadow 2+ equipment now deconstructs for less flux, on average.
  • Added an "Invite" button to the Friends List menu so you can invite friends to your location.
  • You can no longer deconstruct Dragon Eggs or Dragon Coins
  • Loot box karma no longer has a text indicator.
  • There is now a lock box callout when a shaper's vision box gives a penta soul.
  • The Lunar New Year Egg deal has ended. if you missed out, you can still pick up the Lunar Egg on the Trove Store for 10,000 cubits.

Lesser Dragon Caches

  • Caches give more flux in total with between 300 and 700 at common and 2,500 at uncommon.
  • In addition, we've increased the frequency at which they will give a Dragon Coin. Though they are less likely to drop multiple coins at common
  • At rare Dragon Caches now give 10 coins.
  • Challenges now give their 1 no-trade coin for the first level and the next two levels each give 2 Lesser Dragon Caches.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where bosses spawned from Cursed Skulls would sometimes not attack players
  • Fixed an issue with the Li'l Bae ally that caused it not to grant its bonus.
  • Cleaned up some visual problems with some images in the store.
  • Fixed potential client crash when using Whisper from the Friends Menu
  • Bug fix for cubit bar not being doubled for Patrons in all situations on login (though as soon as you zoned, it would)
  • Fixed a bug that could result in a player seeing a "Received User Acknowledgement" message but then being unable to fully log in.