Patch - Trickster Tuesday Edition - 3/15/2016



  • Added a recipe to craft the Contestaur at the Adventurer's Crafting Bench (requires a Regular Centaur).
  • Avarem and Twixler will now show up on the Heart-a-Phone received leaderboard <3!
  • Added unique sounds to the Ultimate ability for the Magical Girl skin for the Revenant class.
  • Spikes spawned by the Spike Walker now only last 60 seconds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where the Fae Trickster would sometimes rapidly fire shots that did no damage.
  • Fixed a bug where chat messages from one of your clubs would appear all black.
  • Fixed bug where block damage overlays could persist after parts of the world were unloaded, causing degraded performance over time. Thanks, Pfiffel!
  • Fixed bug where enemies affected by Lunar Lancer's ultimate would be hit by his/her Crescent Combo even when out of range. Thanks again, Pfiffel!
  • Fixed a bug where repeatedly jumping and using a ship would give a large speed boost.
  • Fixed an issue where there was a delay in speeding up/slowing down when mounting/dismounting when latency was high.
  • Fixed bug where, after loading into a world, entities popped in and out and grass disappeared and regrew.
  • Fixed bug where standing above a chest and shooting down at it caused your shots to go wild.
  • Fixed an issue where Ice Sages could fall forever in Battle Arenas.

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