Patch - Tigers & Ocelots & More Tigers! - 3/29/2016

Weekly Events

  • Chaos Chest contents have been shuffled! Get your hands on three all-new Big Cat mounts! Including Ol' Chomper, the Sabertooth Tiger created by community member Aviarei!
  • Cubit rewards from completing the Star Bar have been doubled!


  • Shadow Towers - Fixed a bug on the Weeping Prophet and Piñata God that prevented their minions from properly shooting players. Hope you enjoyed the easy mode.
  • Battle Arena - Fixed the Revenant Ultimate when in Battle Arena matches.
  • UI - Clubs - Fixed an issue where club sorting would randomize when logging on different accounts on the same machine (or when using the PTS server). After logging in and out once, the club list will now keep your clubs in the same order, and will always fill your club list starting from the top.