Patch - Extra Life Edition - 4/5/2016

Weekly Events

  • Chaos Chest contents have been shuffled! Expand your Manta Ray collection with the newly available Saltwater Taffy Ray! Created by community member FriedSushi!
  • Battle Experience granted for wins in the Battle Arena has been doubled for this week!
  • The amount of time it takes to receive Battle Boxes has been reduced for this week!

Extra Life 2015 Pack

The Extra Life 2015 Pack has been added to the store for a limited time! Get your hands on the following awesomeness unlocked on your account:




  • Plus 11 new styles (and one old!) found under the Extra Life category in Styles!

Battle Arena Maps

Battle Arena maps have been cycled! Out with the old, in with the new! Check out our awesome new community created Battle Arena maps!

  • Sky Island - Cubed Reality
  • Arch - Dylan and Associates
  • Maze - VoxelBusters
  • LaserTag - VoxelBusters
  • Eyeball - Defiant Few
  • Medieval Bowl - SunLP
  • Gardens - SunLP
  • Simple Arches - Denial of Service
  • Skulls - Edge of Abyss
  • Cliffs - Edge of Abyss
  • Golden Arena - Wingzor
  • Space Battles - KassusSucks


  • Fixed a bug where some removed collections were still granting mastery to long term players. Using /mastery should no longer show results above the max possible amount now, and some long term players will be adjusted to have a lower, and correct, value.
  • Opening up lootboxes will no longer force you to dismount (excluding boxes which are thrown, such as ringcrafting boxes, which will still cause you to plummet to your doom!).

Mantle of Power Head Start

Mantle of Power Head Start Editions are available for pre-order at a discounted price in the Trove Store and through Steam! Not only will you get access to Mantle of Power a week early, but you will also get a variety of goodies to give you a head-start on the new Gem system once it lands in Trove!

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