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Forge More, Better Edition

Arriving on 5/27/15!



  • Forging has been updated to be progressive instead of random! This change has huge rippling effects, and touches every piece of equipment in the game.


  • Equipment no longer has a forge level.
  • Individual stats on equipment no longer have hidden power level rolls.


  • There are now 5 ranks of power per rarity of equipment, from at 0 to 5.
  • These ranks, along with the rarity, determines how strong the stats are on an item.
  • Forging increases the power level by 1.
  • If the value is at 5 (max), forging it will instead increase the item's rarity by one level.


  • Bonuses are represented by *s next to a stat.
  • Each stat on a piece of equipment can have up to 2 levels of bonus.
  • The first one gives +10% value, and two give an additional +20%.
  • Pearls of Wisdom can now be used to increase the bonus on a random stat if the equipment already has 4 stats.


  • Items now have 4 total possible Shadow Levels possible, up from 1.
  • Items that are Shadow Level 1 can be upgraded to Shadow Level 2 and above.
  • Items that are Shadow Level 4 have more possible health, health regen, and damage than equipment does now, but slightly less possible attack speed, jump, and movement speed.


  • Perfect Prisms are now used only to upgrade items from Resplendent rarity to Shadow Level 1.
  • Chaos Forges can only re-roll the 3rd and 4th stats.
  • Re-rolled stats at a Chaos Forge are now effective immediately, instead of after locking in.
  • You can still re-roll as many times as you wish.
  • Chaos Forges now only use Tentacles as a special resource.


  • Resplendent boxes can now drop Shadow Level 1-4 rings in addition to Resplendent Rings.
  • Rings now give no individual bonus *s to stats.
  • Rings always have a power value of 5.


  • Equipment can now drop with a random number of bonuses on stats and stars.
  • Magic Find can now trigger up to Shadow Level 4.



  • Chaos chest has been randomized. Try your luck and you may get a clipper, a unicorn pet, or fully crafted meownts!
  • The Costume box now gives Boomeranger costumes.
  • 50 and 100 Spring Pinata packs are 50% off for this week only!


  • Adventure boxes now drop slightly less often normally and we’re aiming to keep them live for 3 weeks instead of 2, including an extra week for the Bento Box!
  • Thursday bonuses are now +200% up from +100%, including adventure boxes, pemblock and the meownt.
  • NPC bosses can now spawn with summoning turrets as an ability.
  • Boss quest chests now drop 3 items, and minor quests chests now drop 2 items.


  • Reduced the XP required for levels 2-6. You know. For kids.
  • Players under mastery level 5 can no longer join custom chat channels.
  • Spikes now deal damage over time as long as you stand on them, rather than a big ‘spike’ of damage.
  • Increased the chance for shadow equipment to drop, mostly impacting Shadow Arena rewards.
  • Shadow Caches now sometimes drop extra Eyes of Q'bthulhu on common rolls.


  • Added new golden thread objectives for placing blocks, forging, buying something on the store, and being in a club.
  • Split out the initial dungeon completion golden thread objective into two objectives.


  • Fixed a bug where death sounds didn't play in some cases.
  • Fixed bug where projectiles collided with grass.


  • Existing high rolled shadow equipment (in the currently live system, represented by the number of *s an item can have) have been translated to their appropriate shadow level rarity.
  • High forge equipment has translated to number of stars.
  • Shadow Equipment has translated *s in the following way:
- 0-1 *s: Shadow Level 1
- 2-3 *s: Shadow Level 2
- 4-5 *s: Shadow Level 3
- 6-8 *s: Shadow Level 4
  • Shadow Rings have translated *s in the following way:
- 1 *s: Shadow Level 2
- 2 *s: Shadow Level 3
- 3-4 *s: Shadow Level 4

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