Patch - Class Key and Battle Edition - 6/1/2016

Weekly Events

  • Chaos Chest contents have been shaken up! This week's hotness: the Cinnamel by community member FriedSushi!
  • Wings Credit Sale? Wings Credit Sale! All wing credit prices are 50% off for this week only! Find wings in the Vault tab in the in-game store!
  • Gain 2x the Battle Level experience for wins in the Battle Arena, and earn Battle Boxes twice as fast!
  • Turned on an additional Arena win contest leaderboard that will last until Monday, have fun!

Gems System

New Community Content

  • New Undead Hills dungeon from Kukui.
  • New Radiant lair from Valaadus
  • New Frontier dungeon from Triky313 & xThaWolf.
  • New Radiant lair from Ozotuh

Misc Changes/Fixes

  • For Uber 8 and 9 increased the chance that when a shadow drops it is of a higher level.
  • The dragons Yorinn and Erel now have stats. raWr! These are missing Magic Find and will be granted that as well in a future update.
  • Combat text now draws on top of other VFX (Yarr, mateys!)
  • Updated the Myco Medic Chloromancer skin so that it throws Mushrooms instead of seedlings.
  • New Horizontal and Downward Draft Blocks have been added to the Fun Factory! You're welcome, Market.
  • Improved performance of x-ray outline rendering.
  • Added some diagnostic aids for tracking down an issue some users have with missing marketplace search results.
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally make deco blocks draw in slower than they should have when your Draw Distance was set to 32.
  • Got Valkizer a prosthetic horn. Valkizer feels complete again.
  • Fixed a client crash that could happen when using /epicpose while changing worlds.
  • Made many additional strings available to be localized.
  • The tooltip for the Gardening Bench should now correctly display, 'Steed Feed Seed!'
  • Projectiles now move more smoothly.
  • Fixed the Dragonling tooltips to indicate the correct number of souls and how they are obtained.
  • Relic Gem Box tooltip should once again ask you to, 'Open' it and not, 'pen' it.

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