Patch - Class Trial Edition - June 14, 2016

Producer's Note

This week is the start of a round of changes designed to make the early and
mid-game of Trove a smoother experience.
We've spent some time recently tracking and watching new player data, and
that combined with community feedback is driving a series of changes that
you will see roll out over the coming weeks.
Also this week look for the Beta version of our French and German
translations which you can choose to opt-in to and try out in the
settings menu.

Class Trials

  • You now have the option to try out a class before you purchase it!
  • Trial Classes can be played up to level 4 before you stop earning experience.
  • Trial Classes do not get stat bonuses from Mastery Rank, nor from any unlocked Dragons.


Mastery Changes

  • Reduced mastery points required for all ranks up to 5 to 25 points, 6-10 to 50 points, and 11-20 to 75 points.
  • Players who have already bypassed these levels will see a bump in their Mastery Rank.

BETA for FR/DE Translations

A very BETA version of our initial translations for FR/DE is now accessible from within the game.

Misc Changes & Updates

  • Quick play Battle Arena now requires mastery rank 5 (down from 10).
  • Fixed a bug where some dragons weren't properly giving Power Rank.
  • Fixed a bug where Saltwater Sam's shop window would open then immediately close if you were standing slightly too far away.
  • Capitalized a bunch of buttons in the UI to make them more consistent.
  • Fixed an issue with Scintilla's movement speed boost where nearby players were being granted 100 movement speed, not 105.
  • Increased the chance of gem boxes dropping in prime Uber 1 and 2 adventure worlds.
  • Club cards now cost 3500 flux to craft. There are many very small clubs that are currently being stored on our servers and this is starting to create some data storage bottlenecks. We will be making other changes (tech and design) going forward and and also took a look at exactly how easy it is to create Clubs and decided we could stand to raise the bar.
  • In Adept, Elite, and Master worlds there is now a small chance to get a higher level piece of equipment. You probably won't be high enough level to use it yet, but hang on to it until you can!
  • Exposed some additional strings to localization.
  • Damaged blocks will no longer draw in front of VFX.

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