Patch - Collections Edition - June 21, 2016

Producer's Note

This week is our second week of changes focused around the new player experience. 
In addition, we have a very exciting revamp of the Collections Window and a new set 
of Dragons created by our community! We're going to be releasing these dragons in 
batches - this one is focused around rare tradable eggs. Future Dragon batches will 
have other types of acquisition. Finally, we've boosted Patron to be more appealing 
for end game players, many of whom used Patron early in their Trove experience but 
later decided it was no longer worthwhile.

Join us next week for some gem acquisition buffs and further new player experience 

New Collections Window!

The collections screen got a major overhaul to improve loading time and functionality! The new window has some amazing features:

  • Ability to favorite styles!
  • Meta category showing all styles you've recently unlocked!
  • Meta category showing all styles you've recently equipped!
  • Search bar!
  • A "find on the marketplace" button for uncollected styles.
  • The ability to hide styles you don't own.
  • And more!

Weekly Updates

(Not in notes: Chaos Chests also contain the Carom Cupcake and Springy Dark Sporeling Mounts)


Three new community designed dragons descend upon Trove! You can obtain the Ludini egg from the Adventure Boxes, Erimatra egg from the Shadow Boxes and the Panatea egg from piñatas!

Patron Update

In addition to their previous benefits, Patrons now also get:

  • Doubled drop rate for Shadow Tower key fragments.
  • Doubled amount of karma generation for Gem Boxes (specifically this includes all lesser gem boxes and gem booster boxes).
  • Changed the magic find bonus from +200 flat Magic Find to instead doubling Magic Find (+100%).

Misc Changes / Updates

  • Smoothed the XP curve before level 10, reducing the total time required to reach level 10.
  • Increased Power Rank gained per class level to 15 (up from 10).
  • Increased stats gained per level from 2 to 20 for the following classes: Knight, Candy Barbarian, Boomeranger and Revenant. This brings stats these classes get more in line with other classes.
  • Slightly increased the amount of SpellDamage granted to the Dracolyte between levels 2 and 7.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Complete a Challenge" step in the tutorial objectives wouldn't complete until you completed all tiers of a challenge. It now completes after only the first tier.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented language settings from saving when you restarted your client.
  • Wednesday is no longer Fast Fishing day and is now Gem Box day! Gem Boxes now drop more often from dungeons!
  • Seasons are beginning to change, and the Summer Piñatas have arrived!
  • Quick play Battle Arena (PvP) now requires mastery rank 5 (down from 10).
  • In Adept, Elite, and Master worlds there is now a small chance to get a higher level piece of equipment. You probably won't be high enough level to use it yet, but hang on to it until you can!
  • Fixed a bug where right clicking items from your inventory wouldn't put them in the Trade UI after having successfully traded once.
  • Added a confirmation prompt to /mf and /metaforge commands.
  • Adjusted which slash commands can be used in /metaforge.
  • Fixed a bug where using /floodfill on the base-ground in metaforge would crash you.
  • Changed the display of Tomes so that rather than a flat XP value it shows a percent. This is because when Tomes changed to use dungeon completion rather than any xp given, you no longer saw how much experience your tome was granted. As a quick reminder, Tomes earn experience by completing Battle Arena maps or by clearing Dungeons. The amount you get for clearing a dungeon of a given type (3 star, 1 star, etc.) is flat, despite the difficulty of the world you're in.
  • Fixed a bug where the visual effect of damaged blocks would show up even when VFX was in front of them.
  • Exposed even more in-game text for localization.

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