Patch - Gemmy Tuesday - June 28

Weekly Events

Gem Adjustments

  • You can now combine 10 Clover Gem Boosters in to 1 Horseshoe Gem Booster at the Adventurer's Crafting Bench. Empowered Gems now Loot Collect in to Empowered Gem Fragments. Collect 10 of these and you can craft a Stellar Gem Box at the Adventurer's Crafting Bench.
  • Lesser Gems now have a higher chance to have more stats.
  • There is a new tradable Golden Gem Key which can be used on lesser gem boxes to get a guaranteed rare result.
  • There is a new 33 Booster Box in the Trove Store that also contains one bonus Golden Gem Key.
  • Lowered the levels at which Gem sockets unlock! Empowered gems now become available earlier, at level 12, 15, and 20 (previously they were 21, 23, 25). Certain lesser gem sockets also unlock earlier, at level 23 and 26 (formerly 27,29). Slot those empowered gems, and benefit from the additional Power Rank earlier.
  • Dust no longer drops from gem boxes when you get a rare result. Gems only!

Misc Updates/Changes/Fixes

  • Horizontal aircurrent blocks now show a directional indicator when placing them in build mode.
  • Removed Energy Regen as a stat given to Pirate Captain when leveling up. It has been replaced with Health Regen.
  • Fixed a bug where pulling out of a trade session can prevent the other person from starting a new trade session.
  • Fixed Lil PuP's head to be more symmetrical.
  • Remove extraneous purple torches in the hub's Adventure Tower
  • Exposed additional strings to localization.
  • The tooltip on the Empowered Gem Box now correctly states that Class Gem Key Fragments can be granted by opening the Box.
  • Dr. Qubesly now gives out +30 more Mastery Points! Nothing a quick medical recertification wouldn't cure.

Community Submissions

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