Patch - Anniversary Week Continues - July 19

Weekly Updates

  • Anniversary Week continues, take advantage of the hot deals while you can!
  • Chaos Chest contents have been updated! This week's hot item: Wings of Arcanium Discord!

Battle Arena maps have been rotated! Into the mix we've added:

  • Chess by CrystalCave
  • Dojo by Lupyne
  • Desert Pantier by Humpypants

Community Content

  • New shadow dungeon from Karokendo!
  • New fae dungeon from Rational_Drunk!
  • New Frontier Lair from Lightning137!

Misc Updates/Fixes

  • Change the Forge UI to display * instead of a number-that-was-too-long when you have a lot of a given resource.
  • To save room, the Forge UI also now shows new stat values (in green), but no longer shows the difference between the new stat and the old stat.
  • Added some additional logging to track down client memory issues.
  • Fixed an issue where Neon City recipe dungeon exit portals didn't function correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause vfx to shoot off into infinity and beyond.
  • Fixed a bug where the bottom of the hotkey assignment window was cut off.
  • The Jade Tome is now residing with its gemmy friends in the Gems tab of the Store.

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