Patch - Daily Loot - August 16, 2016

This week has a few big game changes.
The first one is that we're making a big change to how Gems are unsocketed by
effectively making them cost Cubits instead of Flux. The reason for this change
is that Gems were intended to feel more 'permanently' socketed for both Contests
and powering up multiple classes for use. 

We intend to support this change through a few other changes also showing up this
week. First of all daily loot chests are being added. These chests are earned once
a day just by logging in and have many Gem-related rewards, including boosters up
through the coveted Ninth Life. We intend for these boxes to be another way to ensure
steady progress powering up Gems, especially as players seek to power up multiple classes.

In addition the class Contests for the first few tiers no longer require a competition
between players and have been changed to required 2500PR and 5000PR respectively. This
is going to open them up to many more winners each week. Since we see the new daily 
chests as a way to acquire daily and weekly Gem boosters we've changed the second tier 
reward from the Ninth Life to 2 Empowered Gem boxes. These time-gated boxes are now more
available for players who are able to power up multiple classes and means additional 
progress towards high quality Empowered Gems.

Weekly Updates:

  • Chaos Chest top loot is the Legendary Tome: Chaos Codex!
  • Heart-a-Phone & rename tags are now 66% off!
  • Mounts remain 50% off the Credit price this week!

New in the Store:

  • Two new low price Gem and Dragon Boost Packs are now available!

Game Changes:

  • Daily log in chests are now live! Earn one for logging in every day. This contain useful items like gem boosters, dust, and style unlockers. You might also win a big prize like extra inventory space or an incredibly rare and epic prize like 1500 chaos chests!
  • Class contests now give their first two rewards based on power rank and are no longer a competition. The second level now gives 2 empowered gem boxes instead of a ninth life.
  • There is now a new weekly contest for total xp earned and grants additional daily loot chests!
  • Unsocketing Gems now costs Re-Gemerators. 1 per normal Gem and 2 per empowered.

Bug Fixes:

  • To prevent confusion, Legendary Tome: Tentacle Tract has been renamed to Legendary Tome: Ropey Readings.
  • (Mac) Fix random crashes on Mac that occur when loading particle effect files.

Community Created Content:

  • New staff styles by MrWhiteee, Diefco, Jusiv, Cytorax, Toxidious, StoneWallJackson, Gaeden, KsykenV1, Gemric, Jorrit, Cosmodictator, Qoaleth, LordKyky, Narku, Martinez67, Iszalix, Deimondou, F4Bi, Jimbolul, PolacekX3, Rosemourne, Cozrator, 5p3x, ClovisAlfonso, DcaveDerps, xXTerminatorXx, and Grisildor have been added to the game!
  • New decor pieces by Player214, Xmarksit, MonsterAnt, Karrut, Ocgineer, Narwiff, mikeasfr, Knightlock, SkyRider3217, SkyTheVirus, Woofbottoms, jokerr77, and Rajeeb have been added to the game!

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